KATAKLYSM – Push The Venom

KATAKLYSM – Push The Venom Lyrics

You are the poison, flowing through my veins

You are the face of terror, eating through my soul

Push the venom deep in my veins

Poison my soul and distort my pain

Temptation is stronger than you can imagine

Slaves to the world’s crushing desires

Face the God that you’ll never see

Cry your hurt to a heart that’s free

I’m the one you love to hate

I’m the one you strive to break

Push the venom… push the venom of lies!

Push the venom… push the venom for a world that’s dies… dead!

Bring them down!

Rip me apart, take all you want

My strengths my will, this blood is real

’til there’s nothing left to kill, pacify the weakness inside

Fade to dark extinct the light

I was once the dream of greed now this dream has turned to feed

Push the venom… push the venom of lies!

Push the venom… push the venom for a world that’s dies…

You tried taking everything from me but the things you couldn’t take are the

values you don’t have

Integrity, courage, loyalty

I will never forget… no!

I am the poison, flowing through your veins

I am the face of terror, eating through your soul

Break the code of silence… I am the king of defiance

I am the rebel of power… I am the son of survival

As your fall into darkness… I will rise from the sun

I’m alive… I’m alive!

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25 Responses

  1. TheMilicaostojic says:


  2. ZbKiT says:

    i remember when i used to listen to this song, last year, everytime i was pissed. It calmed me down, it’s awesome, makes me want to kill somebody. lol i’m such a piece of shit.

  3. eradius says:

    lol i always imagine my last ex as that angel being crushed, christian bitch

  4. deadgodshion says:

    that makes us 2

  5. MetalboyFromHelll says:

    0:21 dave mustaine with sloshing

  6. nycology says:

    the singer looks like jesus 😀

  7. birminghambadboi says:

    this song makes me want to punch someone in the face, i fucking love it 😀

  8. toetjetoe says:

    dont you dare to call him a freakin bitch of a jezus

  9. ROBLOXchowder says:

    No need to overreact here.

  10. DAATHmaniac1 says:

    The vocalist looks tanked as fuck! great song!

  11. toetjetoe says:

    just to get more fans =)… and its working i think

  12. ROBLOXchowder says:

    Boobs are shaking because boobs are shaking. They get more fans because the music is epic.

  13. echeverria56 says:

    i had some beers with this band at oklahoma city 2005 when you coming back

  14. brandanmetal says:

    cool video…vocalist sucks! needs some bass to his voice…just my opinion, don’t hat people…to each his own.

  15. tonydjrivera says:

    muy buena la musica y el video la verdad :) la usare para mi video de Operacion 7(un juego de armas online)

  16. yourmomsucksinhell says:

    BEST BAND i`v ever seen/heard! greetz from Germany

  17. MyWaldgeist says:


  18. cesarin229243010 says:

    esta cabrona banda es de lo mejor que tiene el death metal actual e historicamente

  19. kramentor says:

    Te falta conocer entonces, al decir eso :/

  20. cesarin229243010 says:

    ke dices chamaco ps kon kien carajo creesçke hablas ese no mames esta banda esta muy al nivel de las leyendas de cannibal corpse deicide obituary death morbid angel etc

  21. kramentor says:

    despues de leer esta respuesta aun mas compañero… por que, me agrada esta banda, pero no es algo que sea tan impresionante, por favor Try Again…y para estar en Nivel de DEATH? por favor…

  22. cesarin229243010 says:

    bueno tal ves si exagere un poko pero pues si tokan de poka madre y bueno de que no salen del top ten del death de eso estoy seguro

  23. kramentor says:

    Ah claro tocan excelente, te recomiendo Broken Hope, Vital Remains, Suffocation, Cryptopsy (sus dos primeros discos), Demilich, Deeds of Flesh, Heinous Killings, Incantation, Vomitory, Severe Torture, Putridity, Necrophagia, Monstrosity, por nombrar algunos :)

  24. cesarin229243010 says:

    gracias viejholos conosco a todos ellos y al parecer no te has dado cuenta que estas tratando con un experto jaja hay deja tu cuenta de face stoy conectado pa platikar sikiera no crees carnal

  25. Davey Scott says:

    Very cool….super heavy guitar work…..

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