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MUNICIPAL WASTE – You’re Cut Off Lyrics

You’re cut off
What can I say
You’re cut off
You’re at the wrong place
You’re cut off
All that I want
You’re cut off
Titties and horseshit!
Third freakin’ time this week someone tells me I can’t drink
They don’t seem to really get and wonder how I walk
They don’t really understand but that’s all part of my big plan
I like to consume until I’m carried out the door
You’re cut off
That’s what I said
You’re cut off
Not on the guest list
You’re cut off
Walk yourself forth
You’re cut off
This means war
It always seems to end this way in my displace and disarray
Is it cool if I just stick my head out of the bar?
I guess these folks just can’t relate or understand that I can drink
Check yourself just who in the hell do you think you are?
Don’t you hear me in your face, self-esteem and one more chance
I don’t see a problem but it’s mostly in blood
I’d really like to see you pour the beer you’re such a goddamn fool
I just have a reason to sit in the place where I desire
You’re cut off
What can I say
You’re cut off
You’re at the wrong place
You’re cut off
All that I want
You’re cut off
Titties and horseshit!

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65 Responses

  1. TheRinconFreak says:


  2. serpico89 says:

    more cartoony version of metalocalypse?

  3. obedyohn22 says:

    Reminds me of That adult swim cartoon about that space jail, fukin sic nonetheless

  4. Turbojugend41493 says:

    Landphil’s killing headwalk is tits.

  5. AlaskanSandwich says:

    It’s an episode of Super Jail!

  6. Thrasher0411 says:

    1 day, +34900 replays!

  7. NukeSlayer98 says:


  8. Thrasher0411 says:

    00:39 in the bathroom sing *d.r.i. stickman*

  9. smitiweber says:

    street shark 1:04

  10. jca5150 says:

    This is badass!

  11. kryonso says:

    if this video was any more awesome my head would explode and I’d rip my own tits off!

  12. BrutalIsLife says:


  13. paulinethepope says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!

  14. pavel svoboda says:

    Jo Municipal Waste se mi hodně líbí,jen tak dál.Pavel

  15. Ebooz88 says:

    Municipal Waste rip off the last Reanimaniacs cover for the video: But we still love you <3 :)

  16. judu2b says:

    1:03 Some people get pleasure in the background

  17. Lvizfits says:

    I Like this part 0:25…

  18. Morfeusm says:

    Your cut off!

  19. Schloo says:

    Thrashington, D.C.

  20. JellyBeanWizard says:

    The fuck did i just watch…

  21. potitocaquita says:


  22. IGGoooRRRE says:

    1:03 Bolt Thrower poster

  23. mikemax69 says:

    00:26 lol

  24. BlackJacket705 says:

    amazing video

  25. tomaseeeto says:

    Es el mejor video del mundo weon asdkjasdkj xD

  26. HodeciJogurt says:


  27. bluetextonwhitebg says:


  28. HeavyDude3000 says:

    awesome, finaly something fresh in a metal video :)

  29. NapalmBreizh says:

    0:20 JOHNNY HALLYDAY ,yeahhh !!!

  30. NapalmBreizh says:

    0:24 TitaniK Ta Mère …Arf-arf … les cons !

  31. Darkmancer says:

    Totally fucking great!

  32. Garraffe says:

    Great Video. Really really nice to watch

  33. dostrum57 says:

    0:00 crush the hipsters

  34. ThomasLindberg says:


  35. wormsinfestedfetus says:

    you fucking suck neoposerhomos.

  36. MMutterMeister says:

    Well that was beautiful

  37. Tard6661 says:

    Sex in the background 1:04

  38. jowanjuancho says:

    This looks like a Dethklok concert

  39. IGGoooRRRE says:

    0:26 cannabis corpse poster to the left of the amp

  40. primitivethinking says:

    @smitiweber terror shark!

  41. spikelee2u says:

    This is uber cool!! hahaha

  42. Sc0rpioX666 says:

    this is fucking Thrash \m/

  43. AmongTheKreating says:

    what the fuck did i just watch

  44. Tjalfi999 says:

    Did anyone else think of Spongebob Squarepants throughout that video?

  45. SSmetalwarslut says:

    just when i thought i couldn’t think this band was any more of a fucking gimmick. fuck municipal waste and the shitty kids who listen to them

  46. smitiweber says:

    necrophilia is coming after

  47. smitiweber says:

    search “shark street” and you will understand

  48. smitiweber says:

    0:24 Titanic 3D jajajajaja awesome video

  49. october666w says:

    proud to be listening to them for 4 years :)

  50. stonedeadcro says:

    33 gays

  51. buffalonotrochester says:

    sacrilege poster

  52. PeacemakerShirohige says:

    they got…called beavis and butthead

  53. Lvizfits says:

    1:02 Bolthrower!!, 1:09 Sacrilege!!, 1:12 Bitter End!!… Grande Municipal Waste!!…

  54. Garrador666 says:

    0:34DICK-BUTTERFLY TATTOO!so many hidden details! you can pause every second and you’ll discover a new one!

  55. truthpicsa says:

    Fuck… harder than Municipial ever made! Their thrash my bang, it’s fucking real!

  56. nader666angelcorpse says:

    This shit reminds me a lot of Metalocalypse :)

  57. krolik241 says:

    Юра Котов!

  58. NABaldwin4 says:

    34 People have been cut the FUCK off.

  59. spiderMASK says:

    621 views today by me :fuckyea:

  60. RockStarEnergy97 says:


  61. bastardsinarms says:

    great fucking video dude!

  62. xxnothingpurexx says:

    looks like superjail

  63. grindTillgore says:

    Shit just got real. Totally love this!

  64. bastardsinarms says:

    LOL look at the posters!

  65. pxnxo10 says:


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