NAPALM DEATH – Time Waits For No Slave

NAPALM DEATH – Time Waits For No Slave (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album “Time Waits For No Slave”. Century Media 2009.

NAPALM DEATH – Time Waits For No Slave Lyrics

To blitz every lasting stain
Turning fashioned…

Heads turn
Heads to marvel at plastic landscapes
Heads to fill a vacuum of synthesized grace

In continuum to equalise
Turning littered…

Heads turn
Heads to forego distinctions to make
Heads to embrace prospects of life in a cage

Plastic landscapes, synthesized grace
Distinctions to make, life in a cage
Time waits for no slave
Just give them convenience upon pain of death
Cut out the middleman
Keep them uniformly spoon-fed
Time waits for no salve

Just give them convenience
Upon pain of fucking death
Honoured cattle-class turning fattened heads

Heads turn
Heads to enthuse in a permanent daze
Heads once longing for flaws to disassociate
Permanent daze, disassociate
Synthesized grace, life in a cage

In one breath you denounce
The authoritarian reach.
Turn of the cheek and you’re basking
In the fake sunlight of it’s grip

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