THERION – Kali Yuga III Lyrics

Kali Ma, Queen of Aeons
Our mother
Swallow the world
Kali Ma, in your bossom
Kali mother
I seek refuge
Kali Ma
Now it’s autumn of the aeons
Dance with your sword
Now it’s time for the harvest
(And to) Climb the ladder
Mistress of Time
Let the tongue of her fire burn
Sleep on (the) cremation bed
It’s autumn of the aeons
End is near, it’s nothing to fear
(It’s) A beginning of the world
Time is spiral, eternal
Kundalini in space
Kali, the Black
With Garland of sculls
Om Krim Kali, Om Krim Kali
Om Krim Kali, Kali Ma
Kali Ma, bring us nectar (of)
Kali Yuga
The world is ripe
Pick the fruits
Cleanse the spirit
Kali mother
Bathe in her stream
Kali Black, you’re the white one
(You’re) Sacred water
Kali Ma
Now it’s autumn of the aeons

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23 Responses

  1. PatrickDeathRose says:

    This is the second song I’ve heard by these guys, they are absolutely something different and original!

  2. dEM0n4eg says:

    Therion has left my heart! :-<

  3. blaky039 says:

    You have got to be shitting me these are some of the worst looks I’ve seen!

  4. chilito888 says:

    This video was recorded in the Valley of the Moon in the Atacama Desert in Chile, the driest in the world, a very mystical and spectacular

  5. keyboardsanonymous says:

    @ 1:45 nice hotel california riff gank, aka cannon in d major. wtf.

  6. MrJSforza says:

    Therion es música majestuosa.

  7. Kreatorstrucha says:

    esa estructura que se aprecia en el video es nuestra querida y olvidada maestranza de San Bernardo, vivo al lado de esa estructura y estuve mirando cuando fueron a grabar… todo muy profesional al igual que el recital que dieron en el caupolicán…

  8. evilsoul240 says:

    i hate kali ma

  9. evilsoul240 says:

    katarina looks hot here

  10. evilmidget says:

    Peter Karlsson was a much better drummer than this joker. Other than that, great lineup

  11. Brahmaakshya says:

    kali is different from kaali ma, u ignorrent bustards……….kali is this yuga also a demon(male)………….first get some knowledge suckers……………….

  12. EverSilentHills says:

    too bad it’s not anywhere near Gothic Metal

  13. Traigame2cervezas says:

    At all, but you know, if it has a soprano or a girl singing and keyboard/synthesizer it’s automatically gothic/gothic metal. (For most of the people)

  14. EverSilentHills says:

    Nobody’s outfits go together, fufufufu

  15. EverSilentHills says:

    It’s sad how we are reaching Kali Yuga

  16. luxomessi says:

    estan en chile jajajajja en san bernardo jajajjajja grande therion la mejor banda del mundo

  17. kinch70 says:

    therion,simplement grand!!

  18. SummoningACryptid says:

    3:19 My poker face

  19. Sr youtub says:

    San Pedro de Atacama , Chile … Bkn

  20. triumphant39 says:

    Not that bad but lucking some of the “duality” of alternating vocals of earlier album’s (theli).

  21. triumphant39 says:

    lacking* …..

  22. TheReptilzerox says:

    vaya…….hasta que sacan un video con calidad y una buena imagen ….. eso habla de una muy buena banda y eso hara que se hagan aun mas famosos….!!! que bien por therion

  23. thismortalcoil696 says:

    katarina marry me

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