Children Of Bodom – Was It Worth It?

Official Video for ‘Was It Worth it?’ from the new album ‘Relentless Reckless Forever’

Children Of Bodom – Was It Worth It? Lyrics

I’ve been dragged thru mud here,
Entirely beat up and torn.

But when last nite comes back,
To me it sure as hell know.

Yea, yeaoo!

We rocked, went crazy and far beyound,
When I look back and ask myself.
Was it worth it?

Hell yeah,
Ignore the pain.
But I’ll do it again.
Tears made of grit.
Oh yes, it was worth it!
Withdrawal kickin’ in, I can’t shake it.
Yet in one way I have to take it.

I’ll rock, go nuts and far beyond,
And I look back, I don’t need to know.
Was it worth it?

Hell yeah,
Ignore the pain.
But I’ll do it again.
Tears made of grit.
Oh yes, it was worth it!

Hell yeah,
Ignore the pain.
But I’ll do it again.
Tears made of grit.
Oh yes, it was worth it!


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29 Responses

  1. pathoffire1217 says:

    terrible. they’ve gone completely downhill

  2. urbe666 says:

    I think, it is other music.Band changes. The skater it is strange.

  3. tpudrocks1 says:

    i came for the skateboarding

  4. Rolfy1336 says:

    why do you even mention them on a metal video?

  5. 2055g says:

    That’s Chris Cole, one of the biggest skateboarders out there and also one of Children of Bodom’s biggest fans too… So, I don’t get why you say it’s dumb. It has a point, and is pretty hard to do too.

  6. oldmananzai says:

    Alexi Laiho sounds like Anders Friden…

  7. jeleopard says:

    Because it has nothing to do with the song?I detest it when people associate skateboarding with metal. It seems so…. gimmicky.

  8. 2055g says:

    Would you rather a good sport be stuck in the hands of Lil Wayne or Children of Bodom?

  9. jeleopard says:

    Skateboarding is a sport?????That aside, I don’t care much for the bashing of artists of other genres. I don’t care what Li’l Wayne or Justin Beiber or Rihanna do. I really don’t. They do what they do, I’ll do what I do, and I’ll give them their room to do what they do.

  10. murcadha says:

    first, sports are for slapping dudes on the ass. (cool if youre into that) Second, this song has really grown on me

  11. Lentsku says:

    1:42 – 2:00 only reason I like this song

  12. Agnes135 says:

    And why on earth would they smash black veil brides…? Why don’t you smash them?

  13. jonoce633 says:

    This song’s solo has more mind than heart :/ still very enjoyable though :)

  14. AlexiStark says:

    That awkward moment when trailer to this video is in HD, but this video is not.

  15. Norsegod127 says:

    I personally thing the video is pretty cool with or without the skateboarder… and I love the song 😀

  16. simosk893 says:

    I think he’s Chris Cole,a pro who likes COB

  17. 6bucksproductions says:

    Okay,im not trying to sound like a know it all, but skateboarding is heavily influenced by music,especially metal,screamo,and (real)punk rock,and i skate and it isnt what P-Rod, or Ryan Sheckler make it look to be, and i agree with everyone, the skateboarding for a music video is kind of stupid, but those skaters(Garret Hill, Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, and Tom Asta)do listen to COB, and it is an honor for them to be in a music video, so just stop saying all this crap about skateboarding being gay

  18. jeleopard says:

    He is. Still dumb

  19. Guitar1sti says:

    think again about that skateboard thing its old joke alexi made with cris cole who is the skater here and who is one of his best friends also and a huge bodom fan also, and it was about skating in a cob music video

  20. jeleopard says:

    I know who he is, I know why he’s there.It’s dumb. Skateboarding has nothing to do with Bodom. It seems very gimmicky.

  21. Urot723erz says:

    i think after the “are you dead yet” album, they get to technical….blooddrunk was (for me) too much technical

  22. Norsegod127 says:

    I find nothing wrong with the music or video, i think its pretty cool. But indeed they could do a little better.

  23. WizbyZebra says:

    I’m here for the music not for the stupid skateboard video :)

  24. izchriswillis12 says:

    the solo is off the fucking wall..hands down.

  25. Andorbolt says:

    Whats the lyrics about? Was it worth to skate?

  26. supersawneekfan says:

    Sorry for the question, but what’s the problem of having a skateboarder in the vide?

  27. jeleopard says:

    It’s just gimmicky in my opinion.

  28. deathrobbie says:

    Chris Cole 😀

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