Enjoy the official video clip for the song `Rauta´, taken from KORPIKLAANI’s upcoming 8th studio album “Manala” (out on the 3rd of August 2012 in EU / 14th of August in the USA). The clip was directed and edited by Markku Kirves.

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24 Responses

  1. Lurven94 says:

    Nope, Finns was not Vikings, i am a norwegian, so i have done my research about vikings

  2. Xneutrone says:

    better than english:) greets from poland:)

  3. valenciaviolett says:

    Awesome song, gretings from the Czech Republic. :)

  4. Demonmaster985 says:

    Писька, писька, писька, писька…)))

  5. 123potatosoup says:

    3. AUGUST!

  6. xm3tax says:

    Norwegians always think they’re better than everyone else at everything. Cocky bastards. DIAF.That’s what the ladies in white tell them all when they put those tight jackets around them. 😛

  7. Stratplayer05 says:

    ISKE!!! ISKE!!!

  8. NotEmptyNow says:

    Vodka! Vodka!

  9. hakaran0 says:

    awesome! keep doin your folk work, greets from Portugal!! :)

  10. YokoHimura08 says:

    This is like 5 times better than the English version and there’s only one reason for it… Finland is the land of metal.

  11. OMFGwaseinopfer says:

    oh…i didnt know about Shamaani Duo due that i am more into pagan/viking metal, nice to hear that…well ur right with kakerlo and i really hope that Manala wont become like it

  12. alkuraal says:

    I hope the same haha. Listen to Shamaani Duo 😉 It was Jonne with a girl, then became Shaman, then Korpiklaani.

  13. zxcv9313 says:

    I love how at 2:25 he all of a sudden is playing the hurdy gurdy.

  14. TheBigMclargehuge says:

    Fucking Finland.

  15. nullnullsieben says:

    też lubię TYSKIE 😉

  16. tubefolker says:

    Video was filmed in Janakkala, Finland.

  17. DivinePonies says:

    Dat bass.

  18. tubefolker says:

    Yes, he is Seppä Tervarauta.

  19. Eurymonos says:

    Korpiklaani! \m/ 😀

  20. Kemilka018 says:

    0:29 – 1:04 Письке (х37) 😀

  21. thor0725 says:

    Tyskie, Tyskie, Tyskie, Tyskie, Tyskie wreście coś dla mnie….

  22. VincentFinn says:


  23. guynaiman says:

    Sounds strange, yet so awesome. O:

  24. RetroZombieTV says:

    ISKE, ISKE, ISKE, PISKE, BISKE, DISKE, ISKE, FISKE, TISKE… You heard all kind of shit.

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