Neaera “In Defiance”

Live footage of Neaera performing “In Defiance” on the Progression Tour 2012 in Europe.

From Neaera:
Here’s an exclusive clip we made for “In Defiance” out of footage filmed on the Progression Tour 2012. This clip is intended as a BIG “thank you” to all of you guys out there who keep supporting us, it means the world to us, THANKS! We hope you guys like the clip, have fun!


Filmed by: Benjamin Donath and Steffen J Hagavei
Edited by: Benjamin Donath

Neaera “In Defiance” Lyrics

Resignation will claw your thoughts
Don’t give it room to breathe
Every journey starts with the first step
Fortitude conquers – Hesitation enslaves

The daring will blaze the trail
For the openminded to follow
The insurmountable
Nothing but a stepping stone

Don’t give in to the fears that loom
In defiance of your void
Exhaustion will wear your soul
Let it never prevail

Some will fall to your left and right
Yearning for relief, starving for relief

Betrayed by fear, torn by the inner throes,
Cathartic surge, Prosperity

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