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  1. MeanT241985 says:

    The thing you have to remember is that this is just one song. Doesnt mean the whole album is gonna sound like this. I’m just happy that they’re doing something that doesn’t sound just like Silent Civilian (i.e. Born Conform Repent)

  2. quickfirepl says:


  3. anathem88 says:

    New Spineshank is like old Spineshank + Silent Civilian. Love them both anyway!!!

  4. tellepark1 says:

    bored 😀

  5. Soooooooooooonicable says:

    This track is sick. Completely relating to it right now.

  6. tripXable says:

    I like it! I’m glad there is heart in the vocals! he’s not just screaming the Hole fucking time like every Band out there! true Spineshank Form!! it has a “The Height of Callousness” feel. Love it! any one who hates this obviously has no taste in music, grow the fuck up!!

  7. mooxim says:

    I remember when Spineshank videos had a budget.

  8. barty417 says:

    Jesus look at the lead singer…Must have recorded the album in McDonalds

  9. lue89z24 says:

    this is just the start remember i have yet see the rest but finally new spineshank dammit

  10. jk4life1 says:

    the album is intense and powerful very freaking heavy. this song is great but it shouldnt have been there 1st single in my opinion. Overall though there album is great check it out.

  11. Mitko Stefanov says:

    wouldn’t be cool if they were flaming old pics of them? : p like from 2003 😀

  12. mamaxlolXDlol says:

    they sees changes, i see revolution!

  13. pancakerepairman says:

    you can tell a band are growing as artists when they start sounding less like korn and more like nickelback lmao

  14. Seth6581 says:

    I’ve been a fan of these guy’s since “Strictly Deisel”.I’ve even seen them twice,but i’m sorry this sucks! what a let down.. :(

  15. Tommy Patterson says:

    This album is doooope. Great drawing music. Selling out is not making the music YOU want to make. It’s rock and roll dudes. Enjoy it.

  16. Benjamin Mixell says:

    I like this song because before I heard it, I started to feel that where I’ve lived all my life, it isn’t what it used to seem like. I hate it here. I feel like there’s nothing good left here for me, and that its time to move on and leave this place. Then I heard this song and it read me like an open book. Thank you Spineshank.

  17. Benjamin Mixell says:

    It’s not about my taste of music. It’s about how I see people’s perspective in general. You know?

  18. Titchwolffenriz says:

    behold..spineshanks first video from their new album…portrays a little emotion and people jump on it saying it’s shit. fuck that crap. its the death magnetic album all over again…”i want a new album” it finally happens and you get complaints. fuck sake. get a grip.

  19. Titchwolffenriz says:

    death magnetic album from metallica*

  20. ninjanuity says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would even want to listen to this band when there are bands like Circles that do this shit like 9999999999999 times better.

  21. alcross51 says:

    I listen to these guys since strictly diesel and had great times, went to gigs and all, but c`mon…whats this? Wanna make a buck? Want a personal hairdresser as well? What a let down really.

  22. MrAkarie says:


  23. rohan750 says:

    i havent heard the rest of the album but thats an awesone song could of easily bee on sdp so why all the beef?

  24. SuperJR03 says:

    here here, great with surround on. I have 11 speakers and 3 logitech subs connected, those freakin sound awesome. Some of the other songs are great as well, album is an onslaught of the senses

  25. UrbanQore says:

    This is the only Spineshank album I like.

  26. jaygavitus says:

    i like it :)

  27. versuskn says:

    Synthetic, New Disease and Smothered were singles too, and they weren’t shit, they were awesome. This is shit beyond recogniction, there’s absolutely nothing special about this, no heaviness, no ear catching melody,or chorus. Hope that the rest of the album is at least decent, as it’s hard to expect anything beyond that after hearing this. I’m dissapointed as hell :/

  28. himeliquorinc says:

    Finally spineshank… hard core life fan…

  29. gothicrain888 says:

    What the fuck is this shit. If I wanted to hear radio metal id listen to the radio.

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