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Ex Deo is a Canadian death metal band formed in 2008 in Montreal, Quebec. The band is a side project of Kataklysm frontman Maurizio Iacono, based on the history of the Roman Empire.
Ex Deo was formed in 2008 as an artistic project Maurizio Iacono was really interested in and as it caught on, it became more of a band. However, Iacono said in an interview that Ex Deo will not be as active as Kataklysm is.
Ex Deo’s debut album Romulus was released through Nuclear Blast Records on June 19, 2009 in Europe and was released on June 30, 2009 in North America. The album was recorded with producer and Kataklysm guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais, featuring guest appearances by Karl Sanders (Nile), Obsidian C. (Keep of Kalessin) and Nergal (Behemoth).
After a year of extensively touring the band announced its second album on August 19, 2010 through their Facebook page. They mentioned the writing process would begin in late 2011. On October 14, 2010 the band revealed the new album’s title Caligula,…