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Equilibrium is a Folk metal band from Germany. The band’s music combines elements of folk and symphonic metal with various instruments including electric guitars, strings and flutes. Their riffs reflect traditional Germanic melodies.
Their lyrical themes focus on Germanic tales and Germanic mythology. All of the lyrics are in German, as are most of the titles.
The group toured with Commander and Sycronomica in 2005. The following year they signed a contract with the Nuclear Blast record label and on June 27, 2008 they released their second album, Sagas.
In February 2010, Equilibrium had to cancel their appearance at the Winterfire Festival in Germany “due to serious restructuring within the band”. It was later revealed that vocalist Helge Stang and drummer Manuel DiCamillo had left the band. The following month the band announced that Robse, vocalist in the German pagan metal band Vrankenvorde, had been chosen as their new vocalist.
A short time ago, the band found a new drummer, Hati…