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Anathema originally denoted a dedicated religious offering, but evolved to mean “either set apart, banished or denounced”. The word “anathema” comes from Koine Greek “ἀνάθεμα” as “something dedicated, especially dedicated to evil” from “ἀνατίθημι” (anatithēmi, “offer as a votive gift”, from ἀνά ana, “on” + τίθημι tithēmi, “I put”). It originally meant something lifted up as an offering to the gods; it later evolved to mean:
In the Christian Bible, it appears in conjunction with the word “maranatha”.
“Anathema” is a word used mainly in the English language to describe vehement disagreement to something. It is not a commonly used word, particularly in spoken language, perhaps because its meaning is often confused.
Examples: “Some people will consider this definition anathema;” or “Doing homework after school is a complete anathema to her;” or “That political party would paint as anathema any idea not their own, no matter how good it is.”
There is some difficulty in etymologically…