Evile – In Memoriam

Evile – In Memoriam Lyrics

When the darkness takes from me
Cruel hands are scorned
How our light dims carelessly
Bringing bare minds torn

Come with me
When the darkness comes
We all must leave
When the darkness comes

Sifting through my memories
Lifting spirits once more
Ones we lose forever breathe
Through the past reborn

Come with me
When the darkness comes
We all must leave
When the darkness comes

Wasted seasons surround us
Take not for granted your time
Such a thing waits for no man
Stone gardens stand before us
Lifelong the memoirs always rhyme
Try to live before one dies

Come with me
When the darkness comes
We all must leave
When the darkness comes

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32 Responses

  1. WencesWasHere says:


  2. wombatwarrior87 says:

    Is this the same band that made Enter The Grave? if it is, what a shame….

  3. dunndudebemelol says:

    Same band

  4. greybadger says:

    fucking gay load of used johnnys of a track… on an otherwise class album

  5. dapwntality says:

    what is this metallica? haha jk

  6. wombatwarrior87 says:

    what a shame…

  7. MetalizedButt says:

    This just spells metallica

  8. DarkTyrant09 says:

    Is this like a curse?… Sadly the bass player dies a years ago, and now they sound so different.

  9. redjury says:

    NICE tribute to former bass player, Mike Alexander. Can HARDLY wait for your next U.S. tour….especially Denver, CO!!!

  10. TheGeerdos says:

    I still love Evile… Awsome ballad.

  11. 2319728 says:

    Its a ballad for Mike Alexander the past former player now dead, i think just for that reason they made this song a ballad

  12. MrCookieJacker says:

    What guitar is that solo dude having?! 😀

  13. gscass928 says:

    Wow… rather impressed

  14. MrDerbMetal says:

    Sounds like old Metallica, but in a very awesome new-school way.

  15. 1dew says:

    Fucking awesome.

  16. 1dew says:

    R.I.P Mike Alexander

  17. HeavyMetal257 says:

    it’s called a bastard v. it’s a neal moser custom guitar. ol’ drake really likes them

  18. 2point0anonymous says:

    so what is this video about?

  19. thisusersuck says:

    He has such a great ‘singing’ voice, maybe side project 😛

  20. metalhedtildeth says:

    When I hear them I always wonder, “how does he sing like that through his thick accent.”

  21. CYNlCISM says:

    not impressed with this album what so ever.. They have such a mainstream metal sound now..Wish Mike was still here to go back to the good ole days (Enter the Grave)

  22. Hellgunn90 says:

    Haunting voice.. ♥

  23. DeathMagneticX3 says:

    I love this song, the whole album is a masterpiece. I like how they’ve done something different and not just gone “alright, let’s write 10 songs and have every single one going a million miles an hour”. I love Enter the Grave and Infected Nations don’t get me wrong, but I think this album sounds far more complete….if that makes sense? lol :)

  24. CountVlad667 says:

    this is a song that as soon as it starts you can tell it will be a classic piece!!!! freakin loveeeeeeee it!!!!

  25. masteroffight1 says:

    masterpiece, even i dont like clean vocal that much in general

  26. MrLewBoy says:

    Reminds me of Fade to Black by Metallica…

  27. kbenjeoma says:

    is that hetfield on the vocals

  28. TheMoronica says:

    check out TRAIL OF INSECTS they sound like grunge meets old school death

  29. foxsterrealnick says:

    Is this really what happened to Evile? Yikes..

  30. WishAtNight666 says:

    The singer really sounds like James Hetfield!!! :O

  31. devouringthecarcass says:

    Great song!R.I.P Mike Alexander

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