Anathema – Dreaming Light

Dreaming Light is the second single to be lifted from last year’s album, We’re Here Because We’re Here. Awarded Classic Rock’s ‘Prog Album of the Year’ as well as a host of other accolades, the album was the band’s first collection of new material band since the 2003 album, A Natural Disaster.

A multi-coloured, multi-layered work of unbridled emotion, passion, and intensity, the new album was embraced by their legions of fans and the worldwide press. We’re Here Because We’re Here was mixed by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), who described it as “definitely among the best albums I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on.”

Anathema – Dreaming Light Lyrics

Suddenly… life has new meaning
Suddenly… felling is being

And you shine inside
And love stills my mind like the sunrise
Dreaming light of the sunrise

And you shine inside
And love stills my mind like the sunrise
Dreaming light of the sunrise
Dreaming light and…
I feel you but I don’t really know you
I dreamed of you from the moment I saw you
And I’ve seen the sunrise in your eyes
The sky… the sea… the light

So live your dream beneath the northern horizon
Be at peace, set your heart in flight again
For the light is truth…
The light is you…

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26 Responses

  1. asylumdead says:

    I see what you did there.

  2. HinNar18 says:


  3. frwll37 says:

    Not to sound all sensitive but this is one of the most moving and heartwarming songs and one of the first to actually make me cry while watching the video. There are no words

  4. ReignOfPraine says:

    Quite a beautiful video.

  5. moris6441 says:

    this is the most touchy and beautiful video someone can ever make, I am an old Anathema fan but still this is brilliant

  6. moris6441 says:

    I todley agree cause i am an old Anathema fan but this is brilliant

  7. aglacat76 says:

    I don’t want to say goodbye my “golden dog”…and love stills my mind…

  8. ElricMeln1 says:

    incredibly moving..! a great allygory for our modern life…too much poverty and lonelinnes…God bless Anathema…

  9. kennethmarv15 says:

    What a nice video.

  10. ziomekpower says:

    20 cyborgs dont have soulssad.

  11. antocarmelino says:

    Love the song, the lyrics, the video..everything is amezing with this band…

  12. ErebusBenighted says:

    Fremantle power station?

  13. Fantasydude14 says:

    I’ve never cried so much from a youtube video

  14. Deidamia says:

    BEST – VIDEO – EVER!!!

  15. TheDarkmoody says:

    great song, great album and beautiful video…..

  16. adamprescott01 says:

    I really love this song, and this is nice video but I struggle to see how the two go hand in hand. The lyrics bare little resemblance to the video itself in my opinion.

  17. kyleprogrocker says:

    Everytime I click on this song, my heart stops at the beauty of it. Great video too :)

  18. Litelantes says:


  19. t43597 says:

    This is just breathtaking. It is so beautiful that words really don’t do it any kind of justice, just like most of Anathema’s music. I have goosebumps, what a song!

  20. suprsonickath says:

    What’s in the box? This band brings tears to my eyes, even in videos because they are great

  21. silenceisraging says:

    This song gets me everytime.. :’)

  22. FROZENFROST88 says:

    daje do myƛlenia…

  23. WindPagan says:

    so Beautifu…

  24. NANA BLACK says:

    beautiful song….i love anathema

  25. AnxiousMindPL says:

    Check When She’s Not By My Side from the Departure EP by Anxious Mind:/watch?v=ZmtUSjvMNCo (paste it in address bar after

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