COMMUNIC – Facing Tomorrow

The song “Facing Tomorrow” is taken from the 2011 released masterpiece “The Bottom Deep”

COMMUNIC – Facing Tomorrow Lyrics

Silent cries echo in this peaceful place
Eyes closed, nothing more to say
In the finest crest of ebony
A familiar name carved in ivory

I will forever owe my first one
For grabbing me
Needing me, returning me
Facing tomorrow

We walked through halls of pain, holding close
Earth Mother and this father, earthbound together
We brought the memories home, holding close
Earth Mother and this father, earthbound forever

The earth now treasure my deprived
Once soft and pale, these memories stain
Underneath this stone a truth so cruel
All so divine the scavenger awaits its prey

This burden of grief pulling in me
So much colder and with no relief
Will your deeds make the scale sway the right way
The truth to it all revealed

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