Children Of Bodom – Shovel Knockout

Directed by Jussi Hyttinen for FLC415

Never before seen music video for “Shovel Knockout”, which adeptly chronicles “what happens from the time a live show ends through to the next gig in a new city” (i.e. lots of drinking and flipping the bird!).

Taken from the DVD disc of Holiday at Lake Bodom (15 Years of Wasted Youth) compilation album

Children Of Bodom – Shovel Knockout Lyrics

Hundred killers after you
What the hell you gonna do?
They think they’re gonna kick you ass
Bring you down make you crash.

I neva thought the tables
Would turn like this
That one day on you grave
I’m gonna spit and piss

C’mon you fucker lets go
By this time you already know.
With that stand point of bias
You can kiss my nordie pale white ass!

I’m a raw loose cannon til the end
To the depths of hell you
I will send!

I don’t think anyone
Eva liked me
And I don’t give a fuck!
Would you really think I ever
Dug you, hit me with a shovel
If I do!

I don’t think anyone
Eva liked me
And I don’t give a fuck!
Would you really think I ever
Dug you, hit me with a shovel
If I do!

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26 Responses

  1. AlexStalker97 says:


  2. Woring69 says:


  3. BodomLover67 says:


  4. DDETHKUBEKK says:

    He isn’t Bi and I’m in a relationship. /: plus he’s 20 years older than me. FML

  5. Agustina Laiho says:

    Aguaaaaante CoB <3

  6. thelordofdarkcheese says:

    Did they remarry or something? They got divorced.

  7. 1337Func7ioN says:

    even girls kiss other girls, and it’s ok. they still aren’t lesbians or bisexuals. it’s normal when guys drink so fucking much, like i have done, and kiss other boys, it’s normal as.. as normal things lol. haters gonna hate.

  8. darktemptaitions says:

    Not to mention the fact he can be either bussed or drunk, and I know this for a fact, the adrennaline from playing on stage infront of a huge crowd also contributes!!

  9. FuckYourFortune says:

    reindeer fucker 1.0

  10. LaihoDani says:


  11. LaihoDani says:

    A que te refieres ._.Si eran bisexuales? de echo, alexi si lo es :)

  12. NOZONEmetal says:

    no hes got a knew girlfriend now as far as i know. but alexi and kim are still good friends

  13. tomi head says:

    children of bodom

  14. Spaceypoo says:

    I fucking love this video, Its all about how they get fucked up. Its great :)

  15. francopatricio1 says:


  16. metube301 says:

    lol reindeer fucker?

  17. badmotherfuckerer says:

    Pretty cool to see them travelling western Canada. Awesome vid.

  18. XxXnonameAsDXxX says:

    its just trolling, janne is always master troll when he drunk(almost aways :D) so i think thats was his idea…

  19. satanicdilan says:

    i hate that children of bodom make a video about them… AN THEN VEVO UPLOAD THE SAME VIDEO AND IS GETTING MONEY FOR IT! even tough this guys have more views.. if you search for shovel knockout the firts thing you see is vevo video cuz…. well you tube is getting money too :/

  20. satanicdilan says:

    2:54 mozart start to headbang!!

  21. Raffael900me says:

    so wait if people call him gay hell just start kissing witha guy? what the fuck

  22. JoeH1987 says:

    Graspop 2012 you guys were amazing!

  23. lucassapalacio2011 says:

    Mestre Alexi Laiho foda como sempre,um dia eu chego a tocar como vc!!!

  24. NOZONEmetal says:

    It was just a phase i don’t think they do it anymore, just a period of time that people were asking if he was gay…:/

  25. Romis008 says:

    fuck y’all haters…gay, bisexual – who the fuck cares? Alexi is simply awesome no matter what.. just saw him yesterday and they he played AMAZING!!!

  26. olcaldrew says:

    right on

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