Directing: Denis Goria
Mixing and mastering: Anton Kabanen
Audio recording: Kimmo Ahola

Nitte Valo: lead vocals
Anton Kabanen: lead guitar and vocals
Juuso Soinio: rhythm guitar
Eero Sipilä: bass and vocals
Janne Björkroth: keyboard and vocals
Pyry Vikki: drums


On the eve of destruction
Ferocious Hell-Demons
Are bound to be pulverized by the Hand

Iron Hand

In the dawn of a new life
Some die being born dead
And the River of Blood flows from the Hand

Iron Hand
Iron Hand

The one who can face death
Must know what true life’s like
It’s living by the sword of truth
Look out!
There’s a man who can change fate
He’s called the Black Swordsman
He’ll fight ’til the kingdom falls by the Hand

Iron Hand
Iron Hand
Iron Hand
Iron Hand!

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67 Responses

  1. busybee2604 says:

    a female with the power of mr dio….. i love his stuff so much ….. hope this lady sticks to what she’s done and will thrive in the future….

  2. 1977mrjeff says:

    Come to Los Angeles!!! I’ll be waiting!!

  3. nobutakey says:

    AWESOME \m/

  4. DoktorANuBiS666 says:

    not sure if man or woman. O_ö

  5. Karateschnitzl says:

    I really love these live songs with the “jump-factor”

  6. Rowsol84 says:

    wtf, I thought it was a guy.

  7. rockmetallf says:


  8. ivzaitsev says:

    manowar with boobs – 2

  9. ivzaitsev says:

    because manowar with boobs first is Huntress

  10. Rattenritter says:

    Bruce Chickinson! \m/

  11. kardalis says:

    Rape’in repeat botton XD

  12. WarmerVodka says:

    Omfg…0:42 just to awesome

  13. marcohammerdown says:

    well singing whale…

  14. Ольга Власова says:

    Великолепный вокал!!!

  15. ddddirtman says:

    SWEET !

  16. MrVhek says:

    It’s awesome, i was here 😀

  17. necromnous says:

    very boring

  18. garrin7 says:

    this made me shit my pants so many times I lost 20 pounds and died

  19. LadyOvHell666 says:

    Her voice is soo extreme!! :O

  20. TheLightHopes says:

    Yeaah !! \m/Lyon <3

  21. 17Jefim says:


  22. aizawabass says:


  23. stylebitesbernd says:

    yeah, fake to the max

  24. Metalink187 says:

    If it really was in Halle Tony Garnier then… FUCK YEAH I WAS THERE !!! And it rocked my shit so hard I had to change my pants after the show ! BATTLE BEAST ROCKS !

  25. bob2theboney says:

    its a key board

  26. bob2theboney says:

    No she is Nitte Valo.

  27. bob2theboney says:

    Please don’t blatantly lie to the people (THE FANS) This is dubbed she starts saying something at 2:12 and she makes no noise and it is easy to mix crowd sounds into a video.

  28. nanublackrose says:

    Couldn’t agree more. She also has a resemblance with another great singer, the Goddess Janis Joplin!

  29. syndrooma1 says:

    You can mix vocals down during the guitar solo. 😀

  30. guitarjedi312 says:

    epic keyboard

  31. Jungwacht333 says:

    epic 😀

  32. rossxxx says:

    Just have their album since the release of this video. Thx nuclearblast!

  33. GuitarBill13 says:

    if only they had some better guitar solos instead of these Michael Angelo style solos..i suppose that the guitarist was a student of MAB..perhaps

  34. djaguitarx says:

    you gotta a point in that..the funny thing is that his right hand position when shredding is the same as MAB!!

  35. GuitarBill13 says:

    hahaha lol yeah indeed..i didn’t notice it because i wasn’t watching the video while listening to it

  36. psycold says:

    She sounds like the female answer to Bruce Dickinson and it sounds great, theres some Manowar in there somewhere too

  37. FrisianFront says:

    electric piano lol

  38. 123potatosoup says:

    I dont like the keyboard…but her voice is just amazing!

  39. HeyItspencer says:

    I can’t fucking tell if the vocal person at a lady or dude

  40. SpiritualFraud says:

    I don’t listen to power metal very often but i think this is an exception, i’m totally hooked on that song!! ..Against my will!! The vocal is mesmerizing, great riffs, great solos, excellent performance and production!!

  41. Corpzmaker91 says:

    Bruce Dickinson and Janis Joplin had a kid apparently

  42. andrewichigo says:

    That you should!! XD Just kidding. I remember then from when they won the Wacken Metal battle, I remember listening to the song “Show me how to die” that was the only one availabe on youtube (it was called Rebirth of the beast back then). Also the Armageddon Clan one…..good old days…seems like yesterday

  43. bob2theboney says:


  44. bob2theboney says:


  45. metalhedtildeth says:

    After the past two bands I checked out today, nice to see a band with talent again.

  46. brokenherz says:

    and chuck Norris baptized the girl

  47. psycold says:

    Oh my god her highs are amazing

  48. MrVhek says:

    Non y’a de tous les concert de france !

  49. MrVhek says:

    Tu le remarque car elle change de tenue au cours de la video ^^

  50. MrBufffon says:

    caraio que musica boa !!!!

  51. AlaskanSandwich says:

    Man, that singing is fucking amazing

  52. 616Dave616 says:

    Esto es una bomba nuclear de 2012 Megatones de ♠TRUE METAL♠.

  53. muratuner71 says:

    may be an uncle her: R. James DIO!

  54. wolverazor says:

    Iron hand!

  55. HachimakiHoshino94 says:

    Oh fuck. Now I’m Battle Beast addicted..

  56. jeffbons says:

    @QuuenOfMagic , a mate of mine an i had that during one of their nightwishopening’s shows ;(

  57. Prototheria says:

    Apparently, you’re unfamiliar with Arch Enemy…

  58. QuuenOfMagic says:

    Actually, I am familiar. But I don’t listen to them. Death metal is not exactly my thing. Though I have to give Angela credit, she sure has an amazing metal voice for a woman.

  59. afasia97 says:

    guy this is not death metal omfg

  60. QuuenOfMagic says:

    Uhm, yes, I’m pretty much sure Arch Enemy IS melodic death metal.

  61. gerostro says:

    There finaaaalll countdowwwwnnnnn

  62. MadM1ller says:

    The same filling about Europe, but this is created 20 years after… and this fucking awesome

  63. 667BeastsNeighbour says:

    A kid of Bruce Dickinson and Janis Joplin? No, she looks like Jon Olivas mother…

  64. 1ILovePoems says:

    Awesome! I loved it. Thanks for this great share my friend!\,,/, >_< ,\,,/

  65. giannisKr1 says:

    this keybord riff really cant make it off my head…

  66. RsPker141 says:

    Naa. What he said was correct. She has the grittiness of janis and the high pitchery of brucie.

  67. gothicrain888 says:

    Holy fucking hand grenades! This band is awsome!

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