Enjoy the official video clip for the song `The Steel´, taken from the English bonus CD of KORPIKLAANI’s upcoming 8th studio album “Manala” (out on the 3rd of August 2012 in EU / 14th of August in the USA). The clip was directed and edited by Markku Kirves.

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24 Responses

  1. deosyx6 says:

    Suomi on paras 😉

  2. JL3Wind says:

    The English version sounds great, too!I like that they’ve got some really authentic people to play the blacksmith and drumming shaman, since that’s what they do outside of this video as well 😀

  3. HelloZepp316 says:

    Why would you want original music? New music is always good. It’s very catchy in my opinion.

  4. metalheaddrummer101 says:

    exactly my reaction. lol

  5. Procrastinatron2000 says:

    What most people mean by “original” is, in fact, “creative.” They want music that is both new and exciting, whereas this song sounds rather bland and uncreative. I don’t see why they made this one a single.

  6. samuelquaidbass says:

    Korpiklaani has lost some of their freshness since Ukon Wacka, but all bands change. Just pray to Satan they don’t end up like Metallica. And saying Finland is Scandinavian isn’t a huge mistake. Some Finns even call themselves that. The northern portion of Finland is even geographically linked to the peninsula.

  7. ThaTyger says:

    Bit boring to be honest. Very static droning hurdy gurdy and guitar riff, flat lyrics. They have done better.

  8. MrFinntrollin says:

    both versions are great. the fact that the are making a double CD is amazing though.

  9. MuddyRavine says:

    great song!

  10. DBurntTortilla Rainbow says:

    the more original the better \m/

  11. Ziault says:

    My list for the greatest bands in universe! Korpiklaani, Eluvitie, Therion, Dimmu Borgir, Sirenia, Sonata Arctica!

  12. David666Mezei says:

    Vocals and heavy riffs, it’s like Goddamn Rammstein man this is not folk metal…

  13. Junattok says:

    I like Finnish version, even though I don’t understand single word 😀

  14. 0Tyree0 says:

    äh… no?

  15. 9Faran says:

    the smith is a true barbarian : big, strong, scary and friendly

  16. TheXrickZX says:

    Wrong this is folk metal from finland. never is and never will be like rammstein

  17. DevouredByThem says:

    1:01 Anthony Hopkins?

  18. Bulin1994 says:

    0:47 – 1:05 Strike Strike Strike …. No no no ! … This can’t be Korpiklaani : ( This is too boring. Where is vodka ? Where is beer ?

  19. daran2510 says:

    Add Ensiferum to that and your right

  20. Shagron1349 says:

    Swag Swag Swag Swag! erm strike.

  21. TheSehmet says:

    dear santa dont let them do english version their songs :)

  22. tubefolker says:

    Not true. I think Eluveitie never filmed anything in Janakkala, Finland.

  23. Corpzmaker91 says:

    if u do no care about the language then yeah, but its good if they make a whole cd on English… not everyone appreciated the finnish language hehe, i mean i dont undestand a ingle word 😛 …ok a few words.

  24. Corpzmaker91 says:

    i agree, this was rather dull :)

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