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  1. PayneWagner2 says:

    You can never see Dying Fetus too much. Every show is fucking magnificent!

  2. agusgranate14 says:

    Es la unica banda capaz de hacewr este tipo de death metal tan zarpado!….

  3. YOUDONEKNOW12 says:

    2 people came out of the womb as waste!

  4. TheSecondaryWay says:

    Yo!! Guys!!

  5. Holloweeed says:

    im with you dude

  6. Holloweeed says:


  7. tmntpwnage27 says:

    fuck yes

  8. Mboone1994 says:

    Jizz everywhereeeeee

  9. 75zxQ says:

    Where was this recorded?

  10. gullit123 says:

    Maryland death fest, i was lucky enough to be there lml

  11. RyNDonLE says:

    2:45 That’s what you wear to a fucking death metal show.

  12. Rikbel666 says:

    Fucking brutal! …as always

  13. 666x666Slipknotx says:

    That dude is in like every death metal show i went to haha

  14. Reaper4517 says:

    Love the opening riff, and the second one, and the third one, etc…

  15. crypticstenchofhate says:

    man I wish these guys were on summer slaughter again, saw them last year really good I want to go to a concert where these guys are headlining

  16. necromatory420 says:


  17. necromnous says:

    brutal as fuck

  18. CannibalZombieKiller says:


  19. jesusmouth says:

    There is a problem, the view count is only showing my views.

  20. dummyzacky says:

    3:07 Let the violence begin

  21. Defeatist92 says:

    хах, лайков больше, чем просмотров)

  22. rroorrooxx says:

    2:45 WTF … i want to get in a mosh pit in that costume xD

  23. Penusferatu says:

    This album is taking over my playlist… Well, until the new Nile album comes out.

  24. Cody Brown says:

    Well regardless of their views on abortion, the fact that their views and opinions are just that: THEIRS. Its just the same as Christians being Christians; that’s their choice to see things the way they see fit for them. For someone to say someone is wrong for their opinion on something because its not the same as their own, is wrong in itself.Although I completely agree with you, but I’m still happy to see they stick to their roots and keep the shock factor alive, just like in the old days.

  25. parvezshetu says:

    killer \m/

  26. natasrm66 says:


  27. necropig says:

    fuck yes to the guy with the lykathea aflame t-shirt in the front row!!

  28. VladicD says:

    Dying Fetus REIGNS SUPREME.

  29. shootmysock999 says:

    awesome video!!!

  30. cobracon1982 says:

    great album and video

  31. HydraKyll says:

    Chicken Man goes to almost show in Maryland/Virginia! I love him, hes awesome in the pits!

  32. IVION5T3R says:

    they need a new vocalist, straight up then i cud feel this maybe like a elliot from btm or something

  33. IVION5T3R says:

    …..except it would add alot of range and sound ten times heavier. not only that it sounds fuller… i wish bands like this actually would update their tunings it would sound soo much better

  34. xlixity says:

    Tell that to Morbid Angel….they tried new tuning and some new directions and it got them canned.

  35. deaddddd says:

    Thumbs up for John’s Severe Torture shirt!

  36. Mattbrutaldrummer666 says:

    kill babies 😉 \„/\„/

  37. metallicaslayer1 says:

    same here bro!!!!!!!

  38. iganbarelytohg says:

    From what I gathered from the lyrics this song is about addicts who have kids/kill their kids with drugs. And how much of a waste that is, and being pro choice has moral lunatics wanting to kill you, not practicing what they are preaching.

  39. topgrrl1 says:

    you have a poser mentality, you just don’t realize it.

  40. sodomyishthenewblack says:

    I love dying fetus! They never disappoint that’s why they have been doing it for 14 years. \m/

  41. shadowpack1 says:

    I would not be surprised if that was a quote from Casey Anthony at the beginning. lol

  42. wrestlingfan12321 says:

    who are you to judge? you don’t even know me.

  43. rzamora856 says:

    great song \m/

  44. DMetalTV says:

    im 15 and ive been listening to Dying Fetus for 2 years.Dont loose all hope

  45. TheMango121 says:

    lol not pissed off… just saying.They have been making music for 12 years…. something is going to sound the same in a way..

  46. TheShang7 says:

    Dude Gallagher’s been doing Fetus since 91 man, 21 years haha \m/

  47. topgrrl1 says:

    you basically say it’s not okay to like SS or Deathcore… not liking what you like because of what other people think makes you a poser. CC is old news BTW.

  48. BluntAnim says:

    You are a retard. Cannibal Corpse is old news? What? The older the metal, the better generally. Nothing beats the old school Death/Thrash bands.

  49. lvliima says:

    2:16 the zombie headbangs

  50. wrestlingfan12321 says:

    who cares if cannibal corpse is old. and i’m not saying it’s wrong to like deathcore, i was just saying that you don’t need loads of down tuned guitars to sound brutal, and a lot of my friends listen to deathcore and metalcore and i don’t hate them for that.

  51. WormySauce says:

    Anyone know anything about the quote at the start of the video? As in, is it real or is it from a film or something?

  52. DMetalTV says:

    Thats it! when i turn22 i will move to US

  53. LRonsoon says:

    Calm down. Even I don’t share the views DF have, though I like the music. I think the last records since “War On Attrition” aren’t this leftist views like Misery Index, for example, does in their lyrics. This does not mean, I prefer this leftist views Misery Index propagates.I just stated, what I thought.

  54. huffingfarts says:

    thats horseshit. it would sound like a mudslide. noisy speaker ruining bullshit. i mean horseshit.

  55. tmntpwnage27 says:

    you don’t know dick about dm production, bro. adding more instruments totally clogs up the bandwidth/stereo room. the newest dying fetus is the new standard on how to play and produce death metal. straight up. go tell all your 7 string gay lovers.

  56. reaver901 says:

    i found suicide silence before cannibal corpseand suicide silence is pretty shitty to me now, except their first album that was actually very good

  57. FindYourLegacy says:

    Check out my band Find Your Legacy and listen to our music!

  58. BushidoQc says:

    Same here

  59. ACadaver says:

    Was this from their performance at MDF, anyone know?

  60. wilsonethan123 says:


  61. ToolOfTrade says:

    I am nearly 29, and found Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Dying Fetus, Suffocation, way way way before the whole death “Core” shit existed. Dying Fetus and Suffocation have been mixing NYHC influences in their music for nearly 20 years.

  62. bornTOconquer95 says:

    Is it a crime to love these guys and bands like them, AND enjoy deathcore and whatever other genre of music?

  63. PinkPantherPunk says:

    yay severe torture shirt!

  64. TheAndersops says:

    or a 5 string bass…

  65. ChubbierHalo says:

    I’m 18

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