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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (ORE) is a neofolk and martial industrial music group from Stockholm. The band is composed of its founding member and vocalist Tomas Pettersson, and Rose-Marie Larsen, who replaced Chelsea Krook on backup vocals. Other musicians participate in their live performances.
In 1993, following the discontinuation of Tomas Pettersson’s previous band, Archon Satani, he decided to start a new project. This project was initially called Ordo Equilibrio and joined by Chelsea Krook, his then-girlfriend. Together they made three full length releases and one 7″.
In 2001 the band had a change in line-up; Chelsea Krook was gone and replaced by Rose-Marie Larsen. This also spawned a change in the bandname; the word Rosarius was added. The couple has so far released five albums, one 10″ and a split album with Spiritual Front.
The band’s musical style has been described as “apocalyptic folk”, a neofolk subgenre. The name Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio can be translated to “Order of the…